Original io9 mascot designed by Eliza Gauger

Original io9 mascot designed by Eliza Gauger


We came from the future...

I founded the Gawker Media blog io9 with Charlie Jane Anders in 2008. Dedicated to covering science and science fiction, it quickly became a critical hit and grew to have over 10 million readers every month. In 2016, io9 merged with Gizmodo, and is now part of the Gizmodo Media Group at Univision.

When I first conceived io9 back in 2007, it was after a conversation with Gawker Media founder Nick Denton. He was looking for a futurist culture blog to join over a dozen other sites he'd launched during the '00s. I told him I wanted to create something like the 1970s magazine OMNI, which always combined science journalism with science fiction. Amazingly, Nick was into the idea.

By the time we launched the site in January 2008, I had one goal: to give readers a vision of the future that was based in scientific reality as well as science fiction. To do it, I needed to build a publication that would bring science journalism together with cultural criticism and futurist ideas. No one strand of thought would be dominant. To understand where we're headed as a civilization, we cannot privilege science over culture, nor can we afford to ignore even the most speculative predictions.

Often, the weirdest notions about the future turn out to be right. They keep us sharp, preparing us for the day when things change so much that we'll need an education in alternate realities just to cope with this one.

I am still incredibly proud of the work all our writers and contributors did over the years for io9, and I'm pleased that the site continues to live on.

You can read all the articles I wrote for io9, and later for Gizmodo. Some of the formatting is wonky on the older stuff, but the text remains! (Read)