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New radio and podcast spots

May 2017

I talked about surveillance on The Red Center, a podcast about the Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale  from The Outline (Listen)

I talked about whether AI will replace human writers on Word of Mouth from New Hampshire Public Radio. (Listen)

March 2017

I was a guest on Marketplace Tech, discussing the massive rise in searches on the term "Reichstag Fire" on Google. (Listen)



I have hosted two season of Decrypted, Ars Technica's podcast devoted to the television that we're obsessed with. You can listen or subscribe via Stitcher.

Decrypted: American Gods. A weekly podcast where an invited guest joins me to discuss different aspects of this Starz series based on Neil Gaiman's famous novel. Guests include critic/comic book writer Evan Narcisse, fantasy author Amal El Mohtar, and Old Norse scholar Jackson Crawford. (Listen)

Decrypted: Westworld. A weekly podcast with invited guests, including defense tech expert Peter Singer, game designer/author Jane McGonigal, Westworld writer Charles Yu, and scifi/fantasy author Charlie Jane Anders. (Listen)

Courtesy of Live Wire! Radio

Courtesy of Live Wire! Radio

npr's science friday

I appear semi-regularly on Science Friday to discuss recent news, books, and more. (Listen)


Other interesting audio

January 2017 

I talked about joining an archaeological dig at a lost medieval city outside St. Louis called Cahokia, on NHPR's Word of Mouth (Listen)

September 2015

I talked to NPR's On the Media to talk about breaking the Ashley Madison bot story. (Listen)

December 2014

I told a story about dealing with my father's death by visiting a Neolithic city at Story Collider. (Listen)