San Francisco Slang

415 - 415 is the area code for San Francisco. It roughly describes the physical area of San Francisco City. 415 used to be the area code for the Bay Area, but is now broken into several aea codes. 415 is also the name of a now defunked group out of Oakland, featuring Richi Rich.

850 - 850 Bryant, San Francisco is the address for the San Francisco County Jail. It stands omniously in the SOMA, and can be seen from the freeway to the Bay Bridge. Many San Francisco rappers refer to this building as 850.


Ballin' - Short/Slang for balling. i.e. Boss Baller.

Bammer - Bad, Phony. Made infamous by RBL's classic "Don't Give Me No Bammer Weed."

Bootsie - Bad, phony. Made infamous by E-40 and the Click.

Bubbling - Rising up, coming up. Bubbling under.

Bluebird - Refering to something that is hassling or bothering you. It could refer to anything from the police to a nagging girlfriend.

Burners - A cellular telephone that is being used illegally.

Buster - Describing a person that is fake or a phony. Someone who does not deserve respect.


Captain Save-A-Hoe - Somebody who will do anything for women. A fool who will buy dinner, diamonds, pearls, clothing, etc because he thinks that he will get some play but always ends up alone.

Chassie - Women

Chip - A cell phone that is stolen and therefore used to make illegal and free phone calls.

Crestside - Neighborhood in Vallejo.


D-Boy- A drug dealer (Spice 1, Young 'D' Boyz)

'dale - Short for Sunnydale, public housing in the southern part of San Francisco.

Dank - Marajuana. weed.

Double Rock - Public housing across the street from Candlestick. The biggest concentration of killings in San Francisco in 1994 was at the 254-unit Alice Griffith Housing Development, known as Double Rock. Six occurred near Griffith and Fitzgera ld. All of the Double Rock killings are unsolved, though many occurred in front of witnesses.


Eastside O - East Oakland.


Faulties - A cellular telephone that is being used illegally.

Fetti - Money. Short for federal.

Fillmoe - Fillmore District in San Francisco, also known as the Western Addition. Home of rappers suck as Rappin' 4-Tay, JT the Bigga Figga and the GLP, Dre Dog.

Fedex- an individual that delivers quick mail (money). "Major factor fedex" (E40, Fed, 1995).

Flammy- Short for flamboyant.

Flossy - Showing off. Derivitive of flossing your teeth.

Federal - Going Federal, going major. Describes making it.

Frisco - San Francisco.


Grinding - Selling drugs of any kind on the street.


Harbor Road - Many street through Hunters Point. Hillside

Hillside - Neighborhood in Vallejo. Home of E40 and the Click.

HP - Short for Hunters Point. Home of Herm Lewis, 11/5, U.D.I.

Hubba - Crack cocaine.


Ice Cream Man - Crack dealer. See the Luniz's video "Playa Hata" with the Ice Cream truck. Also listen to Master P.


janky - Lousy, phony.

'jects - Something that is cheap. Short for projects


Kill-A-Hoe - Roughly describing the groups and sound of Hunters Point groups 11/5, U.D.I., Etc.

Killin' Fields - East Oakland is sometines refered to as the Killin' Fields because of the many random killings. Note: Black Dynasty's "Deep East Oakland."


Lex-luther- Lexus (car)

LV - Short for the Lakeview area of San Francisco. Home of groups U.N.L.V. and Young Cellski.


Mail - Money

Marinating - Chillin'

Moe - Short for the Fillmore.


Nathan - Nothing.

Nickel Shot - A five story public housingbuilding in the Fillmore of San Francisco.


Oaktown - Oakland.

O.C. - "Outta Control" public housing projects in the Fillmore of San Francisco.


Penelopes- Police (E40)

Pervin- Intoxicated. Drunk.

Playa Hater - Somebody who hates a player because he/she has game. Someone who is jealous.

Ph'in - The act of playa hating.

The Point - Hunters Point. Area in the southern part of the City.

Popos - The police.


Scrilla - Money. Cash. Also Scrill. Gotta get me scrill on.

SFC - San Francisco City or Sucka Free City, depending on what kind of sucka you are.

Sprinkle- tellin facts

Stacking - Making money.

The Stick - Candlestick, in San Francisco, home of the SF 49ers and Giants.

Swamps - Slang for the Sunnydale projects in the southern part of San Francisco.

Sucka Free - Meaning San Francisco. Free from all you suckas.


Vega - Garci y Vega is a brand of cigars used to roll marajuana. The West Coast version of Phillies Blunts.

V-Town - Vallejo. Home of E-40 and the Click, Mac Mall, Mac Dre, and Potna Duece.