RIOT: (verb)  
1.  to take 
part in a 
or disturbance of 
the peace;  
2. [Now Rare] 
a) to live 
in a wild, 
loose manner 
b) to engage in 

You've come to the right place. A shrine to all girls who wish their gender started with a grrrrowl! And a tribute to all women who are too pissed off, unhappy, tough, geeky, or brainy to do and think what they're told.

As Bikini Kill says, "We want a REVOLUTION!"

Here you can find everything for the person who says FUCK YOU when the world says BE QUIET AND OBEY.

And remember, you don't have to be FEMALE to be a riot grrl! Let's hear it for tough, genderfucked, radical males, too!!!

Comments? Questions? Anguished cries? Write to: Annalee

  • Riot Grrls Online
    Women who riot, their 'zines, and the things which help us riot.
  • Riot Grrl Superheroes
    They protect us without dominating us.
  • Riot Grrl Books
    Words to riot by.
  • Riot Grrl Music
    Best if listened to on LOUD!!!!!
  • Riot Grrl Food
    Eat! You look gorgeous!
  • Fuck This Shit!
    An irregularly updated autobiography for riot grrls.
  • Why The Macrobiotic Boat is the best riot grrl band ever!!!

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