Monthly Archives: June 2013

One of the most mysterious extinctions in Earth’s history

Here’s my story from The Atlantic this week, talking about the Devonian mass extinction 375 million years ago. It is the most mysterious of the five mass extinctions because there was no spike in extinction numbers. Instead, no new life …

How to Build a Death-Proof City

I was on C-Span this morning, talking about the future of city design and urban life. It was part of a segment on Washington Journal, where the host does an in-depth look at a magazine article — in this case, …

The future is a to-do list that somebody else has to complete

In April I gave a talk about the future for San Francisco’s awesome web geek/creative series at Parisoma, Creative Mornings. Here’s what I said. 2013/04 Annalee Newitz | The Future from San Francisco Creative Mornings on Vimeo.