Register now for Technology in Wartime conference

Registration is now open for Technology in Wartime, a conference I’m co-organizing for CPSR that’s happening at Stanford on Jan. 26 of next year.

The event will attract an international audience of computer scientists, policy makers, military professionals, human rights workers, and academics. The goal of this non-partisan conference will be to consider the ethical implications of wartime technologies and how these technologies are likely to affect civilization in years to come. Topics will range from high tech weapons systems and internet surveillance, to privacy-enhancing technologies that aid human rights workers documenting conditions in war-torn countries and help soldiers communicate their experiences in blogs and e-mail. We are also interested in the history of computer-aided weapons systems. Ultimately we want to engage a pressing question of our time: What should socially-responsible computer professionals do in a time of high tech warfare?

The proceedings will be broadcast live on the Web, and the presentations collected in book form online, released under an open license, and made available to the public and policy makers looking for expert opinions on wartime technology issues during the election year.

I’ve been working my butt off to get a bunch of cool people to come speak at this event, and the work has paid off. We have an amazing lineup, including Bruce Schneier (Counterpane Security), Barbara Simons (ACM), Herb Lin (NAS), Cindy Cohn (EFF), Patrick Ball (Benetech), and Noah Shachtman (Wired magazine’s war correspondent). Plus more!

We’ve gotten sponsorships from Google, Stanford Law School, iSec Partners, and Joi Ito. We hope to get a few more sponsorships before January, so if you or your company is interested, have them contact me! Or just register for this conference, which I guarantee will be one of the most thought-provoking tech and policy conferences of the year.

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