The rumors are true

Last week, Huffington Post ran a strangely geeky gossip item about how Gawker Media might be launching a science fiction blog, and poaching a Wired writer to run it. This week, C|Net reveals all, or at least a skewed version of it. Yes, it’s true. I will be the lead editor for Gawker’s new blog, which will focus on science fiction, pop futurism, and speculative knowledge. No, it doesn’t have a name yet. No, we don’t have a launch date, but I guarantee you’ll see it before 2008.

Yes, I am totally psyched.

And yes, I will continue to be a contributing writer at Wired. Also, you’ll still see my weekly syndicated column Techsploitation all regular-like. But now you’ll get to read my bloggy thoughts all day, every day. And it won’t matter if you don’t like them at first, because I’ve got a mind-control ray embedded in your RSS feed. YOU . . . MUST . . . READ . . . BLOG! And don’t give me that “Blog? What is blog?” crap. You will be assimilated.

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